Self Care

Self Care is so important and should not be a luxury, it should be a part of your daily life. What better way than to come to our magical studio and enjoy a treatment just for you, to take care of your body, mind and soul.


We offer a range of Massage and Holistic treatments to relax, nourish and heal you including our signature Chakra MOT treatment

Taking care of your chakras is often overlooked but your chakras are energy centres within the body, we have 7 main ones running from the crown of the head, down the centre line of the body to the soles of the feet and if they are blocked or out of balance it can affect us both physically and emotionally.

Holistic Treatments

Chakra MOT (60mins)
  • My signature holistic treatment involves a deep meditation, full aura cleanse, reiki, crystal healing and a few extra treats but I don’t want to give away my whole secret.


Soul Reset (60mins)
  • Our dreamy signature combination treatment, featuring Swedish, Indian Head and aromatherapy massage techniques alongside meditation, aura cleansing, smoke cleanse, reiki and crystals.
  • The ULTIMATE nourishing and healing treatment to reset your soul, your chakras will be cleansed, your body relaxed and eased and you will feel awakened and renewed.